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How to verify my Freelancer identity on SmaTask

Last modified: April 12, 2021
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Verify your identy on SmaTask is very important, and will unlock all Freelancer features on SmaTask. An unverify identity Freelancer can not post service or apply for a job on SmaTask. If your Freelancer account is not verify, it is like you are a dead freelancer. Companies and Employers trust the real users, verified freelancers. They want to know if they are working with real, trusted person with human qualities. They want to be sure, they are dealing with a trusted freelancer, not a fake one.

SmaTask staff take this in serious. We ensure Employer, that only verify freelancer can post services and apply for job.

To verify your Freelancer account, please upload your National Identity Card, Passport or Driving License. You will not able to apply on a job or post services before verification. Document you will upload will be carefully check and ensure it is legal or not. Once it was approved or reject, you will get an message and a notification in your account about that.

Once you are approved, you will get a green verify icon to your profile, and you can now start applying for job and posting services for Employer.

To know how to verify your account, please watch this video below

How to verify my Freelancer identity on SmaTask

If you need any other support, please Visite our Knowledge Base page or open a new ticket to get support

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