How to Avoid Freelancer Burn Out to keep you productive?

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How to Avoid Freelancer Burn Out to keep you productive?

What is burn out? burnout describes a severe stress condition that leads to severe physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. Despite being a freelancer is getting to work on your own terms many freelancers are prone to get burn out.  Because having the flexibility to work anytime and anywhere can often lead to scenarios where freelancer working all the time. So, how to Avoid Freelancer Burn Out to keep you productive  

How freelancer can get burn out ? too much ambition can lead to burnout. So, set the realistic target. Ambition pushes you to work harder, but if you begin to sacrifice self-care like sleep, exercise, and eating well, its not good. 

To avoid freelancer burn out you can follow this rules : 

  1. Set boundaries

It’s important to draw certain lines between work and personal life. Create a calendar and set aside time for work and personal matters to accomplish this. Then stick with it. If you’re exhausted after a long day of working on a big project, for example, you can check your watch and stop working at 7 p.m. You can even set a schedule for it. 

  1. Take breaks

As a freelancer, you’re well aware that the more work you complete, the more money you earn. As a result, you can feel compelled to rush through projects in the hopes of freeing up time for other tasks. However, doing so will leave you exhausted and tired on a regular basis. 

Allowing yourself to take breaks during the workday, whether it’s a late morning stroll ora mid-afternoon cup of coffee, is a safer option. You may also plan to take on household tasks as a mental break during the workday so you don’t feel bad for not being effective in any way. 

  1. Learn how to say No !

It’s not that easy to turn down project offering, especially if you have experienced difficulties in finding clients. However taking on too much work at once can rapidly lead to burnout.  So instead, focus on getting your name out there and building relationships and get client’s that really worth it.  So that you’re more comfortable turning down work when you really can’t handle it. 

  1. Take vacation

Take real vacation, not only bring your job to other exotic location.  Give a break to your mind. Forcing yourself to unwind might seem counterproductive at first, but it’s a necessary means of retaining your sanity 

Besides those four actions you can also eat healthy foods. Because heathy dietary choices can improve your mental and brain health. Check factors influencing diet, nutrition and mental health here. 

Working as a freelancer can be challenging and demanding at times. The greater your efforts to prevent burnout, the better your chances of long-term success as a freelancer.  


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